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Family Law

Family law is concerned with legal matters in families such as adoption, relationship breakdown, custody of children, etc.

Marriage Registration

We provide court marriage legal consultation where we send the couple's registry certificate at the earliest.

Dowry Case Law

Dowry was banned in 1961 to make it easier for the wife to obtain relief from harassment by the husband's family.

Court Marriage Law

We have trained lawyers who use legal documentation to coordinate and support the whole marriage arrangement.

Child Custody

Child Custody refers to the system by which the custodial parent governs and retains the child under the age of 18.

Drink and Drive Case

Any person who has excess percent of alcohol in blood, found by a breath analyzer is under the influence or driving while drunk.

Domestic Violence

It is an abuse of power which impacts both men and women, but the most percent of cases involve women as victims.

Property Law

It will take your precious time to settle property disputes, if not directed by effective and qualified property attorneys.

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